1m XOV token is launching its first Airdrop, and everyone can get involved.

By | 29th March 2018

Welcome to the Great XOV Airdrop. We’re looking for XOV champions who passionately believe in our project to stabilise cryptocurrency markets, who support XOV in developing the world’s first Central Bank for the blockchain. In return for your commitment and passion we are giving away lots of FREE XOV tokens that can be used in the future. All you have to do to get your tokens is to complete the rules of our Airdrop.

The Airdrop process has started and the XOV tokens will start to be vested on 30 April 2018 to your nominated ERC-20 wallet address. The token allocation for everyone that meets the rules below will be:-

1000 XOV for the first 1,000 registrations
500 XOV for the next 5,000 registrations
100 XOV for any registrations above 5,000

​Finally, for your chance to win 1 MILLION XOV and to appear in our forthcoming White Paper simply buy at least 0.1 ETH XOV tokens before 30 March 2018 and complete the rules below. A registrant will be randomly selected on 1 April 2018 and announced on our website.  Just press the button below for the opportunity to win and to support our project with 0.1 ETH. XOV has started to make listing applications with token exchanges.

1. All 7 rules must be completed to be eligible for the XOV tokens at the time the tokens are awarded. These will be validated.
​2. You must have a ERC-20 compatible wallet to enter. Non ERC-20 compatible wallet addresses will not be valid (e.g. exchanges).
​3. If the 7 rules are not completed, no airdrop will take place with the registrant.
​4. The Airdrop may be suspended at any time for new registrants according to the demand of the campaign.
​5. One registration per person only.
​6. Registrants agree to opt in to our mailing list in accordance with DPA.
​7. Tokens will start to be vested from 30 April 2018 in batches. 


Register with required data and submit

Link here – https://www.xovercoin.com/airdrop.html

Main page – https://www.xovercoin.com

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